Sundial Herbs Testimonials


Sundial Testimonials



“I have just received my Ashanti Tonic. I took my first “dose” today and I must say I feel an increase in my energy already!

Michelle Ogleton



“I Love your product named Wood & Root Tonic. It is a very good product. I need to know how to get more.”

Delores Smiley
Selma Alabama


“I am a consumer who was introduced to one of your products about a year ago. I liked it very much. It really did what it was advertised to do.”

Linda Mitchell
Memphis Tennessee



“Every day I had been taking a one a day vitamin, at the beginning of my journey for better health, i was introduced to Sundial Wood & Root tonic, one week later I can testify that I feel like a new woman with so much energy. I will never take another vitamin.”

Linda Woods



“Do you make a product that can aid in a woman climaxing? My boyfriend uses Sundial African Man back tonic…. that has made miracles in the bedroom.”

Thank You,



“I just heard about Sundial from someone who has gotten off shots for Diabetes. He found a doctor who is working with him. He is now taking pills. One doctor said why get off something that is working. This man said “you try sticking yourself every day.” He then found another doctor who did research on your products and said, “Lets see what happens.” Like I said, he is off shots and on pills. He wants to be off pills one day and is working towards that goal with your product.”

Thank You,
Mary Stanford



“Thank you very much for the products that i received today. I’m glad you’re out there creating wonderful products for people like me”

Janiera Warren



“I have heard of your products some time in April of last year. Last night was the first time i took Koromantee Bitters. I have been having trouble with gas and constipation for years now. When i got up this morning i did not have any trouble going to the bathroom and my stomach that was high from being bloated came down. I want to say thank you”