Ailments and Herb Remedies

Ailments and Herb Remedies

Sundial organic herbs are not cultivated or exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  Our herbs are supplied from the uncontaminated mountains, weed lands and meadows of Jamaica and the tropics.  They are sun-dried and packaged to preserve their natural oils and aroma as well as their special medicinal and nutritional properties.  We do not take endangered plants nor do we take whole plants.

Since our herbs are harvested according to their seasons and based on the supply during harvesting time, there can be a shortage on some herbs due to seasonal constraints.


Directions: Add 1 cup of boiling water to 1 teaspoon of crushed herb. Cover and let sit for 5-7 minutes, strain off herb and drink liquid. For roots and barks, simmer 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of water for 5-10 minutes, then  turn off flame, cover and let sit for 5 minutes, strain and drink. Sweeten with honey if desired.


Colon Aloe, cascara segrada, psyllium husk.
Constipation senna leaves, cascara segrada, barberry root, aloe, psyllium
Convulsions skullcap, passion flower, black cohosh, wild lettuce.
Cramps blue cohosh, motherwort, alligator pepper, pepper elder.
Menstrual cramps blessed thistle, strawberry leaves,wild yam root, donquai,hops,
red rasberry leaves, ginger, leaf of life, white jointa.
Diabetes bean pods, blueberry leaves, blue violet, buchu leaves, cat’s claw,
golden seal, china green tea, juniper berries, red rasberry, cerasse
queen of the meadow, mauby bark, guava leaf, pimento leaf, taheebo,
trumpet leaf, periwinkle, spanish needle, fenugreek powder.
Digestion chicory root, barberry root, blessed thistle, camomile, hyssop,
horehound, wheat grass.
Dizziness camomile, wood betony.
Eczema aloe, black walnut, cleavers, oregon grape root, strawberry leaves.
Endurance yohimbe, american ginsing, siberian ginsing, suma root, astrogalus root,
gotu kola, licorice.
Eyes blueberry leaves, blue cohosh, hyssop, white willow bark, plantain leaves,
Fever bacopa, boneset, cleavers, echinacea, eucalyptus, fenugreek seed, hops,
passion flower, red root, rose hips, strawberry leaves, yellow dock, mullien,
fever grass, peppermint, soursop leaf, shepards purse, white jointa,
Flu boneset, catnip, fenugreek seed, china green tea, yarrow, peppermint,
rose hips, rosemary, spearmint, red clover, red rasberry.
Gallbladder barberry root, cascara segrada, dandelion root, stawberry leaves,
milk thistle, mojo bush, sour sop leaf.
Gallstone cascara segrada, dandelion root, hyssop, couch grass.
Gas Peppermint, ginger, spearmint, red sage, blessed thistle, sassafras,
gentinian root, blue vervain, hyssop.
Female gland angelica root.
Hay fever mullien leaves, chickweed, bayberry root.
Headaches chamomile, speedwell, skullcap, peppermint, spearmint, passion flower,
coltsfoot, fenugreek seed, wood betony, rhubarb root.
Heart hawthorn berries, lily of the valley, lobelia, blueberry, astrogalus root,
search mi heart, cat’s claw, st. johns wort, kola nut, horsetail grass,
rosehips, lobelia.
Hemhoroids cascara segrada, aloe, white oak bark, shepherds purse.
Hemhorrage bayberry root, mullien leaves, mistle toe, nettle plantain, periwinkle,
solomon seal, shepards purse, wild alum root, yarrow.
HIV catuba bark, black seed.
Female hormones black cohosh, blessed thistle, don quai.
Hot flashes angelica root, black cohosh, dandelion, donquai, passion flower.
Immune syetem blac seed, ecinacea, barley grass, astragalus root, cat’s claw,
dandelion, hibiscus, suma root, paudarco, yohimbe bark.
Impotence catuba bark.
Infection cat’s claw, echinacea, myrrh, rose hips.
Female infertility chaste tree berries
Inflamation butchers broom, marshmellow, mugwort, slippery elm bark.
Insomnia catnip, chamomile, hibiscus, kava kava, passion flower, peppermint,
skullcap, valerian root, rooibos.
Itching chickweed golden seal, yellow dock, plantain, penny royal.
Jaundice barberry root, chicory root, milk thistle, horney goat weed, mandrake root,
cascara segrada, lungwort.
Kidney’s king of the forest, barberry root, bean pods, cornsilk, uva ursi, dandelion,
chicory root, mugwort, juniper berries, cleavers, marshmellow, plantain,
queen of the meadow, oregon grape root, sassafras, trumpet leaf.
Lactation blessed thistle, marshmellow.
Lelicorrhea black walnut, lady’s mantle, white oak bark.
Liver cascara segrada, chicory root, dandelion root, milk thistle, rhubarb root,
yellow dock, king of the forest, neem leaf, oregon grape root, mandrake.
Lungs eucalyptus, lungwort, penny royal, comfrey leaves, shepherds purse.
Menopause angelica root, damiana, donquai, chaste tree, passion flower,gotu kola,
black cohosh, kelp, velarian root.
Painful menstruation chaste berries.
Regulate menstruation angelica root, blue cohosh, penny royal, st, johns wort, shepherds purse.
Mental clarity bacopa monnieri, gotu kola.
Morning sickness alfalfa, catnip, peach leaves, wild yam root, rasberry leaves.
Nervous system passion flower, chamomoile, peach leaves, st. johns wort, skullcap,
velarian root, god bush, trumpet leaf, soursop leaf, mango leaf,
rosemary, strawberry leaves, yerba mate, hops, catnip, damiana.
Obesity chickweed , burdock root, horsetail grass, kelp, sassafras.
Pain chamomile, elder berries, marshmellow, lobelia, white willow bark,
wild yam root, velarian root, paudarco.
Pancrease buchu leaves, blue violet, cascara segrada.
Pituitary gland alfalfa, siberian ginseng, gotu kola, kelp, pygeum bark husk.
Poison ivy black walnut, mullien, solomon seal.
Prostate catuba bark, damiana, siberian ginseng, golden seal, cornsilk,
juniper berries, kelp, saw palmetto berries, cat’s claw, fo-ti
Rheumatism blue flag root, skullcap, soapwort, white willow bark, cat’s claw,
burdock root, devils claw, hydrange root, oregon grape root,
queen of the meadpw, chaney root, red clover, pau d arco.
Sexual stimulant catuba, damiana, american ginsing, siberian ginsing, licorice,
horney goat weed, yohimbe bark.
Sinus congestion bayberry root, comfrey root, eucalyptus, fenugreek seed, mullien,
rose hips.
Skin problems burdock root, dandelion leaves, don quai, gotu kola, yarrow,
yellow dock, red clover, sarsaparilla, witch hazel, kwaku bush,
soapwort, chaney root.
Sores bayberry root, black walnut, kwaku bush, trumpet leaf, solomon seal.
Upset stomach chicory root, lady’s mantle, marigold, quassia wood, rhubarb root.
Swelling chickweed, comfrey leaves, linden flower.
Syphilis blue flag root, chaney root, srsaparilla.
Thyroid black cohosh, kelp.
Removes toxins activated charcoal.
Tumors blue violet, yellow dock root, plantain leaves, milk wiss, chaparral.
Urethral irritations buchu leaves, cornsilk, uva ursi, wild yam root, queen of the meadow,
broom weed.
Uterus aloe, penny royal.
Venereal disease burdock root, paudarco, spikenard, broomweed, devil’s horsewhip,
yellow dock.
Vitality astragalus root, burdock root, don quai, foti powder, licorice, gotu kola,
american ginsing, siberian ginsing, strawberry leaves, suma root.
Water retention blue cohosh, uva ursi, burdock root, butchers broom, celery seed,
dandelion leaves, hydrangea root, couch grass.
Worms semi contract, aloe, black walnut, camomile, horehound, red sage,
st. johns wort, senna leaves, solomon seal.
Wounds bayberry root, chaparral, comfrey leaves, myrhh, plantain leaves,
slippery elm bark, marigold.